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Kedmon Hungwe

Kedmon Hungwe

Kedmon Hungwe was born in Plumtree, which is in the South Western part of Zimbabwe. Recently a senior lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe's Faculty of Education he is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, Michigan Technological University. He was educated at the then University of Rhodesia, as well as the United States where he did his graduate work.

It was while studying in the USA that he developed research interest in film, and in particular its educational and political uses. Growing up in colonial Zimbabwe provoked Kedmon's interest in the political uses of media, and graduate studies and current work at the University of Zimbabwe have afforded an avenue for expressing and sharing that interest.

Kedmon's publications include "Southern Rhodesia propaganda and education films for peasant farmers (1948-1955)", Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, and "Film in post-colonial Zimbabwe", Journal of Popular Film and Television. More recently, Kedmon has initiated research on the politics of media in independent Zimbabwe.

Kedmon is married to Chipo and they have four children.
He may be contacted at:

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